Branding: Essential Ingredient, Not Just Decoration (Kevin Moehlenkamp and Jason Barnard)


What Does Your Online Presence Say About You? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this short video clip, Kevin Moehlenkamp explains how Super Solid Branding helps with Branded Search. Kevin gives great insights on how to become a recognized authority in Branded Search and effectively capture the attention of your online audience. And he explores strategies to ensure that your message not only gets noticed, but also resonates with your target audience. Watch the video right to the end.

What you’ll learn

  • 00:00 Kevin Moehlenkamp and Jason Barnard
  • 00:03 How Does Super Solid Branding Help with Branded Search?
  • 00:13 How Does Google Recognize Branded Search Authorities Like Jason Barnard?
  • 00:17 What Strategies are There to Bring People Effectively in Online Branding?
  • 00:37 How Important is Audience Perception in Shaping a Brand’s Online Presence for Better Branded Search Results?
  • 01:04 How Does Strategic Communication Impact Google’s Perception and Branded Search Success?

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the Branded Search (and Beyond) Podcast with Jason Barnard.” Official event page link:…

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