Google Chrome SERP Sidebar: What You Need to Know

What is Google Chrome SERP Sidebar?

What is Google Chrome SERP Sidebar?

The Google Chrome SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Sidebar is the section that appears on the right side of the SERP on a desktop search. The Sidebar displays additional information related to a user’s search query, like a Knowledge Panel. It is referred to as the “Right Rail” or “Right Sidebar”.

Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. 

What appears on Google Chrome SERP Sidebar

The Google Chrome SERP Sidebar displays the following features when the Search Engine Algorithms decide the features are highly relevant and factual to the search query. 

features displayed in the Google Chrome SERP Sidebar
features displayed in the Google Chrome SERP Sidebar

1. Knowledge Panel: This is a box that contains key information about an entity such as a company, person, or movie. Google displays a Knowledge Panel when it has a confident understanding of the subject being searched.

2. ‘People Search For’: A section showing related search queries from other users, providing users with potential additional relevant information.

3. Google Business Profile: A listing for a business which includes information about its location, contact information, hours of operation, and customer reviews.

4. ‘See Results About’ Box: When the search term could refer to multiple entities, this box provides links to other pertinent search results.

5. Images or Videos: Images or videos that are relevant to the search query.

The data in Google SERP Sidebar is derived from Google’s understanding and interpretation of the search query. This information is “facts” as Google understands them, unlike the trusted recommendations that appear on the Left Rail of the search results.

What is the Significance of the Google Chrome SERP Sidebar?

The Google Chrome SERP Sidebar is significant for the reasons in the list below.

User Experience

The Sidebar provides a comprehensive overview of key information on the topic, including rich and detailed information, including images, videos, related search terms, and social media profiles. This gives the user access to the information in one place. 

Brand Recognition

When the Sidebar displays a Knowledge Panel for a brand it is giving the brand Google’s Stamp of Approval. Google recognizes and understands the brand to reward it with a listing in the Knowledge Graph of entities and facts.

SEO Strategy

The SERP Sidebar can impact a brand’s SEO strategy. It does this by influencing click-through rates and user engagement, given that users are more likely to engage with search results that provide rich, conveniently accessible information.

Rich Information

The SERP Sidebar often presents rich and detailed information, including images, videos, related search terms, social profiles, and more. This information could be instrumental in answering a user’s query or promoting further user engagement.

Google Business Profile

Unlike a Knowledge Panel, a Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free listing available to businesses with a physical address. A well-optimized GBP means potential customers can get the information they need before they visit the business. 

How does Google Determine What Information to Display in the SERP Sidebar?

Google uses advanced algorithms to decide which information to display in the SERP Sidebar. Factors the algorithms consider when compiling the SERP include the following items.

  1.  The relevance of the potential search results to the search query.
  2.  The trustworthiness and credibility of the potential candidate search result set.
  3.  Previous user behaviour with similar searches. 
  4. The context and meaning behind the search.
  5. The use of structured data provided on websites. 
  6. The entities in Google’s Knowledge Graph and the relationships between the entities. 

Can you Influence the Information Displayed on the Google Chrome SERP Sidebar?


Google has control over the search results it surfaces, but the information that appears in the SERP Sidebar, such as the Knowledge Panel represent facts as Google understands them. Google’s algorithms create its fact base using trusted sources on the web. You can educate Google by ensuring the information about your brand is consistent on every platform you control. Kalicube recommends creating an Entity Home on your website with all relevant information about your brand, which Google’s algorithms can then corroborate via its trusted sources.

Over time, Google’s algorithms will develop an understanding of your brand and be confident about your facts. Ensure your web assets and information on all your platforms are consistent and up-to-date. Produce content that reinforces the message on second and third-party websites and ideally collect reviews from trusted third-party review sites.

At Kalicube, we guide you through the approach to SERP optimization and Knowledge Panel management via a full digital marketing strategy with SEO baked in. The precise and relevant information you provide contributes to what Google displays on the SERP Sidebar, shaping your Brand SERP and influencing user engagement and generating revenue.

Actively managing your SERP Sidebar visibility through Kalicube not only enhances your online recognition but improves click-through rates and user interactions. 

Remember, your Brand SERP equals your Reputation, and your Knowledge Panel is your Google Stamp of Approval – your Authority.

What Role Does the SERP Sidebar Play in SERP Optimization and Knowledge Panel Management?

The SERP Sidebar is where Google displays the information it considers important or factual about a search query, which could be a person, place, organisation, or anything else considered an entity.

A fundamental part of the Kalicube Process is triggering, stabilizing and enriching Knowledge Panels for clients. A rich and accurate Knowledge Panel means your brand is a recognized entity and a trusted source of information in the eyes of Google’s algorithm. You are an authority in your niche – not just another website competing for exposure in the search results.

The Kalicube Done for You Service is the ultimate digital marketing strategy for brands to optimize their entire digital ecosystem, build their audience and educate Google today and into the future.

Book a call with Jason Barnard to make sure your audience gets the most accurate, trusted, and helpful information about your brand.

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