Context of Credibility in SEO: What You Need To Know

Context of Credibility

What does Credibility mean?

Credibility is how trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative a source or content is. 

In the context of Google and search engine optimization (SEO), credibility is how believable or trustworthy a website, page, or content source is in the eyes of Google’s search algorithm. 

Google’s algorithms assess credibility in several ways: The quality and accuracy of the content, the experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness of the author, the brand and the publisher’s reputation. 

Why is Credibility Important?

Credibility is critical for Google because a site or web page deemed credible is more likely to rank higher in Google’s search results. Brands must focus on their credibility online and their interaction with customers and prospects. Poor reviews affect credibility. 

At Kalicube, credibility is vital to the Kalicube Process. We understand that Google prioritizes brands and content displaying high levels of experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-E-A-T), which are the cornerstones of credibility. 

In a situation where it has clearly understood exactly what your content offers but has also understood your competitors’, it has several options that will similarly solve the user’s problem.

So Google needs to evaluate which one will bring the most satisfaction to the user since it aims to deliver the best answer to the user as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That is where your credibility and the credibility of your content are vital.

When we understand Google’s challenges, we can better help it help us. Ensure your SEO efforts support the three critical “needs” of Google.

This article focuses on the second most important SEO effort to support Google’s “needs”, and that is credibility.

How does Kalicube Ensure Credibility for Clients and Demonstrate it to Google?

To ensure credibility for their clients, Kalicube shows clients how to build robust E-E-A-T signals. 

To demonstrate the E-E-A-T signals to Google, Kalicube packages content in a way that helps the algorithms understand the E-E-A-T signals easily. The process involves clear and consistent communication with Google, which includes delivering high-quality and credible content and shaping a positive digital footprint across the entire digital ecosystem. This demonstrates to Google that their client is credible, and is preferable to the competition.

Building credibility involves more than creating high-quality content. Kalicube understands that credibility covers the entire online presence. That includes the brand’s perception across its sites, Google’s platforms, and independent third-party sites.

Kalicube uses advanced techniques such as markup to enhance a site’s understanding and credibility in the eyes of Google. It ensures these digital credibility signals are concise and consistent across their client’s digital ecosystem. At Kalicube, credibility is not just essential; it’s foundational to the Kalicube Process.

Once Google’s algorithms have understood that your content offers a relevant solution for its user, you are in the race.

Remember that Google wants to provide the best solution to its user when it recommends content.

In a situation where it has clearly understood exactly what your content offers but has also understood your competitors’, it has several options that will similarly solve the user’s problem.

So Google needs to evaluate which result will bring the most satisfaction to the user since it aims to deliver the best answer to users as quickly and efficiently as possible.

That is where your credibility and the credibility of your content are vital.

Brands that Have Successfully Improved Their Credibility and SEO With the Help of Kalicube

  1. Cedreo.

This company implemented the Kalicube Process for two years and saw significant improvements: Their SEO traffic increased by 28%, and their branded searches rose by 33% year on year. This boosted their credibility and visibility online.

  1. Ubigi.

Working with Kalicube to optimize their Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel, Ubigi saw a rise in branded searches by 400% and overall SEO performance increased by 250%.

  1. Merci Facteur.

 Kalicube helped Merci Facteur turn around its search strategy, which increased profits and improved its online reputation, boosting its SEO performance significantly.

How can Brands Enhance their Credibility in Google’s View?

Some examples where you can demonstrate to both Google and Microsoft Bing that you are the best in the market are in the list below.

  1. Clear and convincing pages about your company, leading employees, authors, partners, and clients.
  2. Accurate and up-to-date content.
  3. Wide peer-group approval.
  4. Reviews.
  5. Positive user comments on your content.
  6. Anything else that reassures Google that your brand and those associated with your brand have experience, expertise, and authority, and are trustworthy within your industry.
  7. Anything else that supports the credibility of your content (inbound links, social activity, user-generated content on the page, etc.)

Always remember the credibility (E-E-A-T in Google-speak) of a given solution (the piece of content) is evaluated at the content, brand, and author level.

You need to improve at all three levels.

Why is Credibility Crucial for Long-Term SEO Strategy? 

Credibility is crucial for a long-term SEO strategy because search engines like Google aim to provide users with the most relevant and reliable information. Credibility signals reinforce the trustworthiness and reliability of your brand and its content. This, in turn, influences Google’s algorithms, which determine your page ranking.

Increasing your brand’s credibility includes building a strong reputation through positive customer feedback, getting endorsements from influencers and reputable brands, maintaining consistency in your content, and earning high-quality inbound links.

Credibility is integral to the other two pillars of successful SEO: Understanding and deliverability. Your content needs to be clearly understood by search engines, and it must be deliverable in a user-friendly manner. Only then can your credibility have a meaningful influence on your SEO performance. Neglecting any of these three pillars could result in a failed SEO strategy.

By establishing credibility, you’re assuring search engines that your website and its content are the best solutions for their user’s queries, which can lead to higher rankings, more traffic, and more conversions.

Pitfalls and Mistakes that Can Undermine Credibility

Several pitfalls and mistakes can undermine your efforts to establish credibility. Here are some common ones.

  1. Lack of Consistency: All messages and content should be consistent across different platforms. Inconsistency can confuse the audience and diminish trust.
  2. Inadequate Experience or Expertise: Credibility often relies on experience and expertise. If you’re unable to demonstrate these, it can significantly reduce your credibility in the eyes of your audience.
  3. Poor Online Presence: A poorly designed website or scattered social media presence can lead people to question your credibility. Ensure your online sites are professional, up-to-date, and easy to navigate.
  4. Over-promising and Under-delivering: If you promise more than you can deliver it will hurt your credibility. Do what you say you will and avoid over-promising.

How Does the “Context of Credibility” Fit into Brand SERP Optimization and Knowledge Panel Management?

Credibility in the context of Brand SERP optimization and Knowledge Panel management relates to how trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative your brand appears in the eyes of both Google and the users.

A well-optimized Brand SERP with high-quality content and positive reviews reflects credibility, leading to better rankings and online presence. Managing your Knowledge Panel with accurate and up-to-date information boosts Google’s trust in your brand, enhancing online reputation and SEO performance.

Brand SERP optimization and Knowledge Panel management are intricately linked to establishing and reinforcing a brand’s credibility, thereby playing a vital role in an effective and successful SEO strategy.

Ready to experience how enhanced credibility can elevate your brand’s online presence and impact your bottom line? 

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