Understanding How Google Discover Links To Your Brand SERPs

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How is Google Discover Linked to Brand SERPs

Google Discover is linked to Brand SERPs in that it pushes content from Entities that are recognized as authoritative and that Google believes are of interest to the logged-in user. If Google recognizes the expertise of a brand and its association with certain products or content, it can present these directly in the user’s Discover feed.

Google Discover is a feature on mobile devices that acts as a recommendation engine. This offers suggestions from billions of content in the Internet such as articles and videos based on user interests, preferences, search history or generally online behavior.

You can access this feature by swiping right on your smartphones. It analyzes your activity on various platforms such as the Chrome browser and other Google services to personalize the content on offer without you having to make an explicit search query.

Google Discover

What does Google Discover look like

Google Discover shows a stream of content cards that are displayed on the Google app and homepage on mobile devices. The cards show different types of content, such as:

  1. News articles that align with the user’s interests and browsing history.
  2. Videos curated based on the user’s watch history and preferences.
  3. Snippets of visual content from web stories.
  4. Additional content like shopping recommendations or event suggestions.

Each card usually shows a headline or title, a thumbnail image or video preview, and a short description or a source for the content.

Entities Within Google Discover Lead Users To Brand SERPs

Entities within Google Discover lead users to Brand SERPs whenever they are relevant.

In the case of Jason Barnard, his Google Discover interface shows the Gates Foundation, and associated with it are Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates.  These results link to their Brand SERP – the search engine results page for their names.

Google Discover bypasses the need for users to actively search for content. This means that Google places your brand’s articles, news, guides and other resources right in front of the eyes of potentially interested users. This extends the reach of your target audience and increases the potential for engagement.

Moreover, because Google Discover also uses user data and browsing history to personalize the feed, this means that your content can be shown to users who have already shown interest in related topics, even if they haven’t specifically searched for your brand. This allows for a targeted presentation and increases the chance of targeting relevant users.

The interconnectedness of the digital ecosystem and user behavior builds a bridge between Google Discover and Brand SERPs. Users’ browsing habits and search history influence both platforms, ensuring a flow of personalized and relevant information across different touchpoints.

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