Online Reputation Management – How Kalicube’s Offers Help ORM Professionals

Brand SERPs the key to ORM

Jason Barnard at Kalicube has truly mastered the art and science of managing the online presence of any entity with a new approach to Online Reputation Management that is truly second to none.

If you are responsible for managing the reputation of a person or company and you want to achieive one or more of the following

  • Push negative content off page #1 of Google SERPs
  • Rectify incorrect information in Google search results
  • Improve the Google result when people google the name
  • Effectively manage the digital footprint
  • Build a safeguard against firestorms
  • Deal with reputation firestorms in weeks, rather than months
  • Ensure you are in control, not Google, Bing, or any other BigTech platform

Then “the Kalicube method” of ORM is exactly what you have been looking for.

Over more than a quarter of a century working in Digital Marketing, Jason Barnard has developed an incredibly effective and efficient methodology that will empower you to control every aspect of the digital footprint for any person or company by effectively managing:

  • the Google (or Bing) Knowledge Panel
  • the Brand SERP
  • reviews
  • articles
  • forums
  • news (good and bad)
  • videos
  • social media
  • podcasts
  • books
  • images and photos
  • … and anything else that appears online

Simple Online Reputation Management Anyone Can Manage

Jason has demonstrated that – by leveraging the power of Google itself, adding some simple SEO, sprinkling some intelligent marketing and relevant content creation – managing the digital footprint of a person or a company is accessible to everyone.

The Old Techniques are Dead

Forget the old techniques of drowning, attacking, court cases and manipulating the system – in a world of smart machines, those strategies are now well and truly dead. The strategies that work are those that educate the algorithms that determine how your digital footprint is presented to your audience, be it on Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook or any other online platform.

Educating the Algorithms

At Kalicube, we understand that our job is to share with you the knowledge we have accumulated over a quarter of a century so that you can educate the machines (Google, Bing, Apple, Facebook, Twitter…) so that they represent the entity (person or company) in the manner that makes sense to you.

It is no longer a case of “if” you can gain control of an online presence and reputation, but a case of “how long will it take”.

This approach is a solution. Simple as that. The techniques and strategies Jason Barnard has developed are based on

  • a quarter of a century of experience in SEO (getting clients to the top of Google results)
  • many years managing Google Knowledge Panels for clients
  • over 10 years optimising Brand SERPs (what your audience sees when they search your name)
  • vast experience in content creation (videos, TV Series, music albums, songs, script writing, podcasts, articles, visuals, animations…)
  • experiments designed to uncover how the pieces of an online presence fit together (at Kalicube, we have over 5000 experiments on the go at any one time)
  • empirical data (Kalicube maintains a massive database with over 500 million datapoints)

All of which adds up to the single most effective approach to managing

  • online reputation
  • digital footprint
  • web presence

Kalicube’s Offers

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