What is Understandability in The Kalicube Process

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Understandability in The Kalicube Process represents Phase One of the process. A KGMID listing in Google’s Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel for a brand is the foundation stone of any successful digital marketing strategy. Understandability means ensuring the information is clear and consistent across the entire digital footprint so the search engines and your audience understand what the brand is about. 

You have achieved Understandability when you earn a KGMID (unique identifier) in Google’s Knowledge Graph (or its brain). Google understands what your brand stands for, what it offers, and who it serves. When Google understands your brand is a “known fact,” it is able to build on those facts, become confident about your brand, and introduce your brand in traditional search results and generative AI search results like AI Overviews. 

Understandability results in a KGMID, which is represented visually as a Knowledge Panel in the search results. 

A Knowledge Panel is the foundation of any effective digital marketing strategy because your brand looks impressive and credible, and Google understands who you are. 

What Does “Understandability” Mean in the Context of Digital Marketing and Brand Presence? 

Understandability in the context of digital marketing and brand presence refers to the strategic alignment and clarity of your brand’s message across all digital platforms where your ideal clients are active. Consistent messaging allows the BigTech algorithms to understand your brand and add it to its Knowledge Graph. Understandability ensures that your target audience and AI engines like Google, ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, and Perplexity can easily discover, comprehend, and engage with your brand’s core message.

What is the Kalicube Process, and How Does It Relate to Understandability?

The Kalicube Process is a data-driven, three-phase digital marketing strategy designed to optimize a brand’s visibility, message, and acquisition funnel across its entire digital ecosystem. This process is simple, straightforward, and deeply rooted in brand and marketing with search engine optimization (SEO) baked in. The Kalicube Process is timeless and future-proof and works seamlessly with generative AI and any other new tech that comes our way.

Phase one is understandability, and ensures that your brand is positioned where your audience is searching and that they find accurate and insightful information about who you are professionally.

Understandability in Phase 1 of the Kalicube Process achieves the following things.

  • You lay down a solid foundation for building credibility (Phase 2).
  • You make sure that every interaction potential customers have with any part of their online presence leaves them with an accurate understanding of who you are.
  • You get a KGMID in Google’s Knowledge Graph and a Knowledge Panel.
  • Every touchpoint your audience has with your brand aligns perfectly with the algorithmic frameworks used by Google, Bing, and generative AI engines like ChatGPT and Perplextity.ai

How Can You Achieve Understandability?

Understandability is achieved through these 4 easy and proven steps.

1. Audit your digital presence.

2. Optimize content for clarity.

3. Position your brand strategically.

4. Educate search and AI engines.

How do I audit my digital presence?

To audit your digital presence, follow the 2 steps listed below.

  1. Gather your digital assets. Find every digital asset your brand owns or appears on. Digital assets include your website, social media profiles, directory listings, author biographies, and online articles or press releases. Look for inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your brand messaging. 
  2. Check your brand message. Check how your brand is described on all of them. If they are inconsistent, it confuses your audience and the algorithms. For example, if your About page describes your company as a “tech innovator,” but your social media profiles refer to you as a “software developer,” it is inconsistent and confusing. 

Auditing and updating a digital footprint is time-consuming and boring, so most brands falter in this phase. Kalicube has a done-for-you service that identifies 40% more brand assets than a manual audit using our proprietary platform, Kalicube Pro. Kalicube creates an NLP-optimized bio, updates 80% of the messaging, and incorporates schema markup on the website about page. You need to help us update the assets that aren’t publicly accessible, such as your website.

The Done for You Service takes 30 days to lay the foundation for your Knowledge Panel and a revenue-generating digital presence.

How do I optimize content for clarity?

To optimize content for clarity, follow the 2 steps listed below.

  1. Create a consistent message. Write a two-sentence description that explains what the brand does. Start the first sentence with a semantic triple. A semantic triple has a subject, verb, and object. Jason Barnard is an entrepreneur, for example. 
  2. Update your digital assets. Update the brand description across everything you own and have access to and contact third parties to update information about you. Updating everything simultaneously is essential because Google notices big, dramatic changes. 

Kalicube recommends focusing on your website’s “Entity Home” — the About page. Optimizing this page with clear, concise, and consistent language gives Google a home base for the “facts” about your brand and a place to verify the information it finds online. 

Where should you position your brand strategically?

Position your brand strategically by placing content where your audience is looking and where Google expects brands like yours to be present. A DIY method to identify where to position your brand strategically is to identify your competitors and aspirational competitors, search for them online, and mirror where they hang out.

Kalicube Pro uses the 2 billion data points it’s been collecting since 2015 to conduct a competitor and peer analysis to prioritize where a brand needs to appear online. 

How do you educate AI engines?

Educating search engines like Google and Bing and AI assistive engines like ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, and Perplexity requires consistent messaging across your digital footprint and expanding that digital footprint in the places the platforms expect your brand to be. Structured data is important, but it is not a silver bullet. Adding structured data to your About Page educates the BigTech algorithms in their native language, but it reinforces what they’ve already learned by reading your About page. 

Implementing structured data on your website, such as schema.org markup, helps search and AI assistive engines to accurately categorize and display your content. Kalicube’s methodology includes educating brands on effectively implementing this structured data. The Done For You Service means we write the structured data for you and help you put it on your website.

What Are the Outcomes of Achieving Understandability?

The outcomes of achieving understandability for your audience and the machines are listed below. 

  • Your audience: Potential clients researching and searching for solutions you offer find a consistent, coherent narrative that resonates with their needs. Understandability lays the foundation of consistent messaging and standing where your audience is looking, which positions the brand as a potential solution. 
  • For Machines: Search engines and AI assistive engines have an unambiguous understanding of who you are, what services or products you provide, who benefits from them–allowing them to confidently match your content with relevant search queries. This means your content is more likely to appear in search results, reaching the right audience at the right time.

The Bottom Line

Mastering “Understandability” is essential to establishing yourself as an authority in your field. By ensuring clear and consistent messaging across your digital presence, you’ll be visible where it counts and build a strong connection with humans, AI and search engines.

Once Google and the other BigTech platforms understand that your content offers a relevant solution for its users, you’re in the race! 

Remember: Search and AI assistive engines want to provide the best solution when recommending content.

Brands that establish understandability have laid the foundation for a timeless, algorithm-proof digital marketing strategy that stands the test of time. Make sure yours is one of them. 

Take control of your brand narrative, educate the algorithms, and become a brand they trust and recommend—reach out to Kalicube and begin transforming how the world sees you. Book a call now.

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