Why is Google Important for Small Businesses? (United States of Small Business with John Quick)

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Why is Google Important for Small Businesses? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

In this video, Jason Barnard, entrepreneur and CEO of Kalicube explains that high Google visibility is key to reaching your target audience and driving sales through a strong digital marketing strategy. He also sheds light on how Google shapes your brand image for clients, partners, and potential employees, and offers tips for crafting a compelling “Google Business Card” to maximize your online impact. Watch the video right to the end.

What you’ll learn:

00:00 John Quick and Jason Barnard
00:03 What is One of the Last Things New Business Owners Think About?
00:38 What Misconception Might Small Businesses Have About Google?
00:47 What Does a Solid Digital Marketing Strategy Mean for Small Business Owners?
00:56 How Does Google Work in Relation to Companies and Their Online Presence?
02:06 What Does it Take to Look Good on Google?
02:20 How is Google Described in the Context of a Digital Marketing Strategy?

“This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the United States of Small Business Podcast.”

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Transcript from Why is Google Important for Small Businesses? – Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

John Quick: That’s great. So I think a lot of folks, a good chunk of our listeners are maybe just starting out in opening a business and maybe this is one of the things they think about last. So, why is Google so important for somebody that owns a couple coffee shops in Iowa? Why is that important to them?

Jason Barnard: Well, I think, we look at Google and we think it’s this huge machine and probably as a small company or somebody who isn’t famous, we’re gonna struggle to impose ourselves to get ourselves some visibility on Google. And it is difficult and it takes time. But at the end of the day, getting on Google and getting visibility on Google today is no longer the technical trickery that it used to be a few years ago. It’s all about having a solid, meaningful, relevant and efficient Digital Marketing strategy and brand presence. Because Google is simply reflecting the world.

It’s looking at what everybody’s doing online and then trying to replicate the best solutions provided to the people who need them. So if you look at your shop in Iowa, or your small company in San Francisco, Google has 90% of the people in those particular locations using it, on Google Maps, on the Google search engine, on YouTube, all of these platforms that belong to Google. So the probability is that 90% of your audience will be on Google and you can reach out to them and get those touchpoints through Google. And of the people within that region, some of them already know who you are and they’re gonna be googling your name.

And those people are bottom of funnel, super prospects, already your clients, potential partners, potential hires. You need to look your best with that Google Business Card, and I’ll just finish this off with a nice little rounder, is by designing your Google Business Card, in order to design your Google Business Card, you need to have a rounded, efficient, and effective, profitable Digital Marketing strategy. That means that Google is simply an extension of your Digital Marketing strategy. So a smart Digital Marketing strategy will attract Google to you as a great solution to its users, and that will be represented in the result that Google gives for your name when somebody searches it.

This Knowledge Nugget is taken from the United States of Small Business Podcast.

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