Reasons to Grow a Personal Brand With Kalicube

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A powerful personal brand means you are visible, impressive, and credible. The benefits of a strong personal brand depend on your professional goals and include the benefits listed below.

  • Elevating your career prospects and income by standing out in a crowded employment marketplace
  • Becoming the “go-to” person in your industry because you are a thought leader and expert in your field
  • Getting paid speaking gigs and podcast appearances
  • Creating a legacy and improving the value of the business you’ve built
  • Attracting new potential investors, clients, and partners 

A strong personal brand opens doors and creates connections otherwise out of reach.

Your personal brand is your most important asset. It is the public-facing representation of who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. A personal brand is a strategic tool to help you achieve your professional goals, boost your earnings, and control your brand narrative so you are represented online how you want to be represented.

This is Jason Barnard’s impressive Brand SERP, featuring a prominent Knowledge Panel powered by Generative AI and curated links. Kalicube can help your brand achieve the same level of search authority and build trust with your audience.

Why Should You Let Kalicube Handle Your Personal Brand?

You should let Kalicube handle your personal brand because we have the data and expertise to amplify your presence in your niche quickly and give you the credibility and visibility you need to achieve your professional and income goals faster than any other digital marketing agency. 

The Kalicube Process positions your brand name ahead of people with the same name.  It allows you to ensure that the narrative around your brand is positive and aligned with how you want to be perceived. We use your brand and marketing activities to entrench your brand within Google’s algorithms and Knowledge Vault so Google and the AI assistive engines know who you are and introduce you to their conversations with their users. 

The result? When someone searches your name, they see an impressive, compelling picture of who you are, your expertise, and the value you offer. This is the power of a well-crafted personal brand. Whether someone is searching a search engine or an LLM, your personal brand is in the search results. If the user is on ChatGPT, Gemini, or another generative AI model, it will introduce your brand when a user asks for a recommendation. 

What Happens When I Build My Personal Brand With Kalicube?

Kalicube specializes in growing personal brands by ensuring search engines like Google recognize and prioritize your narrative. It isn’t an SEO company; it is a digital marketing agency that creates a prioritized strategy for your branding and marketing activities to reach your audience and educate Google. We’ve been collecting data from Google since 2015 on how to build strong, powerful brands online, and we use that data to create our strategy, but we don’t “do” SEO.

Month One – Understanding

The first month is an actioned audit of your existing digital footprint. We optimize the knowledge around the personal brand so it is consistent, machine-readable, and attractive to your audience. Then, we attach them to your entity home. Your entity home is the About page on your website, where Google verifies what you say about yourself online. This is the foundation of your personal brand.

Months Two to Five – Credibility

In the next five months, we will use our data to build your credibility and authority in your field and identify the most powerful places for you to gain personal exposure.

Within six months, Google fully embraces the changes you’ve made and how you are perceived online (your audience will understand who you are, what you do, and who you serve).

Months Six to Twelve – Deliverability

For an additional six months thereafter, our strategic digital PR advisory services will position you at the center of your competitor set, show you what content to create and where to place it so that you are ominpresent online and your audience and the AI engines see you everywhere your audience is looking for a solution to their problems online. 

Why Do You Need Kalicube?

You need Kalicube because building your personal brand is time-consuming and based on guesswork. Manually building a personal brand takes 24 – 36 months, while Kalicube builds powerful, robust, and impressive personal brands in just 12 months. 

(There is no guesswork because everything is data-driven. Kalicube Pro is our secret weapon to position you in the places that matter as fast as possible and with maximum results.)

  1. We find every reference to you online (you’ll miss up to 40% more references doing it manually), In phase one, we do 80% of the work for you.
  1.  Use our proprietary platform, Kalicube Pro to prioritize your digital marketing strategy (so we focus on the most important brand and marketing activities first), and we show you how to package your brand and marketing activities for Google.
  1.  We tell you exactly where the competition and the audience are hanging out online, where Google expects to see a personal brand in your niche online, and give you the digital strategy to position you as the representative brand in your niche in the fastest, most cost-effective way.

What Is the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of Kalicube’s Personal Brand Process?

The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of Kalicubes Personal Brand Process is that the results for a search of your name (Brand SERP) represent you; you have an information-rich knowledge panel that triggers on searches for your name and Google’s AI Overview and CoPilot and other AI assistive engines like ChatGPT, Perplexity, Claude, etc. introduce your personal brand to the conversations they are having with their users.

You get:

  • Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) that accurately reflect who you are.
  • An information-rich knowledge panel that activates upon search of your name.
  • AI assistive engines introduce users to your brand when they are having conversations about topics your brand is able to help with.

What is the Kalicube Process for Personal Branding?

The Kalicube Process for Personal Branding is listed below.

Phase 1: Understandability

Build Understanding and Stand Where Your Audience Is Looking 

In the first phase, the goal is to ensure that your audience and search engines clearly understand your brand. This requires an audit of your existing digital footprint, creating a clear brand statement, and optimizing the knowledge across every platform so it is consistent. We create an entity home (usually your About page) that reflects this consistent information about your personal brand so Google can double-check the information it finds online about your brand. When the algorithms understand your brand and marketing messages, Google will start changing the way it represents your personal brand online.

At the end of this phase, Google and your audience will clearly understand who you are, what you do, and who you serve. You will be standing where your audience is looking.

Phase 2: Credibility

Build N-E-E-A-T-T Credibility in Your Niche/Peer Group 

This phase builds on phase one to build your credibility, authority, and trustworthiness with search engines, AI engines, and your audience. We expand your digital footprint and strategic marketing activities to position your personal brand within the correct competitor set and perceive it as a brand with a potential solution for your target audience. You’re among the big players in the niche, but you’re not quite the representative player yet.

Phase 3: Deliverability (Omnipresence)

Be seen everywhere your audience is looking

This phase positions your personal brand as omnipresent online. Your brand is everywhere, the audience is searching for solutions to their problems online. Your brand is representative in the niche in the eyes of the AI engines and the audience. Your content covers the breadth of your customer needs, is fit for purpose, and can be delivered quickly by search engines.

We provide strategic data-driven PR advisory services so you are creating the right content and placing it in the correct places to achieve maximum results for your investment. You’ll create accessible content across various platforms in formats best suited for each channel—becoming omnipresent when people research topics related to what you offer (on any relevant platform or search on Google, Bing…. Or ask ChatGPT, Google Gemini, or other assistive engines ). 

Be everywhere your audience is looking. With the right information. And achieve your professional goals.

What The Kalicube Process Achieves for Your Brand.

The Kalicube Process empowers people and businesses to identify and outperform their competitor cohort by focusing their marketing efforts in the right places, driving audience engagement, and increasing their brand awareness and revenue – using the three phases of understandability, credibility, and deliverability.

When implemented correctly, The Kalicube Process establishes your brand as an Entity in its Knowledge Vault. Your brand is a trusted source of information for search results instead of being “just another website.”  Once entrenched in the Knowledge Vault, you can educate the algorithms and control your brand narrative.

Instead of leaving your online reputation in the hands of the algorithms, you ensure that Google (and generative AI) trust and have confidence in your brand and business. It gives you control of your brand narrative and allows you to make more money and achieve your professional goals.

At Kalicube, we have triggered thousands of Knowledge Panels, optimized Brand SERPs, and implemented holistic digital marketing strategies for our clients since 2015. The Kalicube Process for Digital Marketing, Brand SERP Optimization, and Knowledge Panel Management is the product of that extensive experience.

Real-Life Example

Jason Barnard implemented this approach with his personal branding strategy using the Kalicube Pro, which has led him to become a prominent figure recognized by AI assistants across various platforms. This shows just how powerful a well-managed online presence can be.

Google dances to our tune and presents Jason Barnard in every search and assistive engine. 

The Kalicube Process doesn’t just optimize; it transforms how brands are perceived online—turning them into authoritative rather than mere websites among millions—and ensures that Google insightfully showcases them across all searches related to their field.

What is Kalicube?

Kalicube is a digital marketing company that builds a brand’s digital ecosystem using branding, marketing, and packaging the messaging in a way AI and search engines understand. Without a brand, you have nothing to market; without marketing, you have nothing to package for Google.

Kalicube consolidates a brand’s digital footprint through our Saas platform Kalicube Pro – a tool that has been collecting data from Google since 2015 (and continues) and has over a billion data points across thousands of industries, which allows us to pinpoint exactly what a brand is doing well, not so well and where Google expects it to be online to serve its audience. Kalicube Pro gives brands the strategy to maintain a convincing message that is consistent across the entire web-wide funnel. There is no guessing and wasting time and resources. Our approach is PR-packaged for Google. 

What is Kalicube Pro?

Kalicube Pro is Kalicube’s proprietary digital marketing technology that focuses on the entire digital ecosystem to optimize an entity brand’s EEAT signals and its Brand SERP and entrench the brand in generative AI. Kalicube Pro performs SERP analysis to understand the brand’s position on the open web and how search engines perceive brand-related queries. By correctly positioning the brand and its messaging across the digital ecosystem, the search engines reflect the position and message in the way the brand wants to be seen, and we know that the audience is seeing the right message in the right places at the right times.

Using data sourced from Google since 2015 and growing, Kalicube Pro has over 2 billion data points and tracks over 7 million active Knowledge Panels, 100,000 businesses, and people across dozens of countries. Kalicube Pro knows where your ideal audience likes to spend time online and which sources Google uses to verify brands they can trust and recommend online. Aside from Google, no one has more data on Google’s Knowledge Graph than Kalicube Pro. 

Your Options for Implementing the Kalicube Process

To implement the Kalicube Process, choose any of the options below.

1. Do it yourself. Access our free learning resources, join the Kalicube Academy, or read “The Fundamentals of Brand SERPs for Business” book for everything you need to optimize your brand for your audience and the search engines.

2. Book a Done For You Service. The team at Kalicube works with you to implement the Kalicube Process for your business – working within your existing resources and priorities and saving you valuable time. We can start building and implementing your digital marketing strategy year-round.

If you’re ready to grow your personal brand, book a call with Jason Barnard today. 

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