Brand Digital Ecosystem Definition

What is a brand digital ecosystem?

Plus: How does your brand’s digital ecosystem tie into Brand SERP?

What is a brand digital ecosystem?

Your brand’s digital ecosystem is everything that exists online about you and around your brand. So that includes your site, your social media, reviews, your profiles, news articles about you, your employee’s work-related activity (including social), your audience’s interactions with or about you (social, forums, comments sections on your site and others…),  videos and images by or about you on any platform… The list is looooooong.

If you know a little about Brand SERPs, you will have noticed, each and every piece of this content is a candidate to appear on your Brand SERP… if not on page #1, then on subsequent pages. Look at the number of results just under the search bar… several hundred thousand, or several million… gives you an idea of just how big your ecosystem is, and how much content is out there (although in truth the number is certainly larger than the reality). Compare that to the number for your competitors is an interesting exercise. Luckily, you don’t need to deal with it all, and Google helpfully provides a prioritised list for you: your Brand SERP 🙂

Page #1 of your Brand SERP gives you the super-high level executive summary, Results #1 through #50 (pages 1 to 5), the bare bones overview, and Results #1 to #1000 (pages 1 to 100) give you a detailed view of your ecosystem.

This is how Kalicube works, although in truth, we actually just take pages 1 to 5 for multiple key variants of the exact match brand name search.

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