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Kalicube Pro - Holistic SEO, Koray Gubur Review

Introduction to the Review – a Presentation of the Platform

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Kalicube Pro is the unique, and only Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel SEO technology that focuses on E-A-T signals on the Brand SERP. Kalicube Pro provides SERP analysis to understand the brand’s position on the open web, and how the brand-related queries are perceived by search engines.

As a Knowledge Panel Management technology, Kalicube Pro provides an entity-oriented search perspective to analyze the search engine’s understanding of brand entities which is what drives Knowledge Panels. By taking data from the SERP, sentiment analysis of brand-related information on the web, Kalicube Pro makes it easy to improve a brand entity’s relevance to certain types of topics, phrases, concepts, and search intents.

Kalicube Pro as a SaaS Platform combines information directly from Google’s Knowledge Graph with information for Google’s SERPs to analyze a brand’s position on the topical map.

Done for you – perfect if you are a busy executive, brand manager… or an agency that wants the Kalicube Team to do the work !

Why might that be important? The answer is simple! Brand prestige management and brand reputation for Search Engine Optimization is an important signal to provide a better organic search position. Thus, Kalicube Pro improves its usefulness by providing the means to manage Knowledge Panels, and optimise Brand SERPs… along with the amazing bonus that it shines a light on otherwise hidden insights to improve your brand’s reputation.

Kalicube Pro is an advanced platform that is most suited to digital agencies wishing to optimise Brand SERPs, manage Knowledge Panels, improve PR, and deal with ORM issues for their clients.

Perfect if your agency offers branding, ORM or Knowledge Panel services.

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Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR founder and SEO of Holistic SEO in Turkey has written a 25,000 word overview review of Kalicube Pro SaaS. Here is the table of contents.

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