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The Knowledge Panel is the information on the right hand side of the search results pages in google search. At Kalicube, we help you optimise your BRAND SERP and manage your Knowledge Panel.

Recommended Articles About “Knowledge Panel”

  1. How do you manage a Knowledge Panel by Kalicube: Kalicube defines Knowledge Panel Management as the process of influencing and optimizing the content of the Knowledge Panel that appears in the right rail on desktop on a Brand SERP.
  2. Search Engine Journal provided an article on what Personal Knowledge Management is and how it can help: this article explains Personal Knowledge Management systems that can help marketers create better, more successful content.
  3. Kalicube offers Kalicube Pro SaaS, a cloud-based SaaS platform that helps agencies optimise Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels for their clients. 
  4. Update your Google knowledge panel: Here is Google’s explanation of the Knowledge Panel.
  5. How to get a Knowledge Panel for your brand, even without Wikipedia: in this article on Search Engine Journal you will learn what a Knowledge Panel is, the SEO benefits of having a Knowledge Panel, how to claim your Knowledge Panel, and what if a Knowledge Panel isn’t displaying for my brand.
  6. Managing the Elements of a Knowledge Panel – the Evolution of a Knowledge Panel: in this case study, Jason Barnard shows the evolution of his Knowledge Panel over the years. All Knowledge Panels are a constant work in progress since information about the entity changes, Google’s algorithms evolve and new features are added to Knowledge Panels by Google all the time.
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