“Things To Know” in SEO: What You Need to Know

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What is Google’s “Things to Know” Feature?

Google’s “Things to Know” feature is an expandable list of questions and subtopics related to a search query that helps users explore a topic. Google aims to guide users on a journey of discovery, breaking down complex topics into digestible sub-topics that address search intent and the user journey on the search results page.

The “Things to Know” section functions in the same way as other information-rich elements like “People Also Ask,” which helps users explore topics in more detail.

Pro Tip: Users don’t always want quick answers. Users search for knowledge on a broader topic, making multiple searches to refine their understanding. Google introduced “Things to Know” to assist users with understanding without requiring new searches.

Is “Things to Know” Only for Mobile Searches?  

No, the Things to Know feature is not only for mobile searches. Google launched Things to Know on mobile results and it now appears on mobile and desktop search results.

“Things to Know” feature in mobile and desktop searches

Does “Things to Know” Work Everywhere?

No, Things to Know appears in search results in the United States. Google has tested the feature in other countries, but is not consistently displayed in the search results across the world. 

How Does “Things to Know” Alter the Search Journey?

“Things to Know” alters the search journey by providing users with top-level information that allows them to explore the topic without leaving the Google ecosystem. The user can click through headings in the feature for an overview, akin to a Featured Snippet, or delve deeper into the source.

The expansion of “Things to Know” beyond mobile searches and its exclusive presence in the US are signals of Google’s commitment to refining user experiences.

How Can Businesses Leverage “Things to Know” in Their Digital Marketing Strategy?

Businesses can leverage the power of “Things to Know” in their digital marketing strategy by defining their user journey and creating content to guide them on the learning path. Seize this opportunity by optimizing your content. Treat “Things to Know” like a Featured Snippet. Choose a user intent, structure your content thoughtfully, fill in any gaps, and use simple language.

The expansion of “Things to Know” promises a richer and more guided search experience, creating new opportunities for user interaction. While its global reach is uncertain, its undeniable impact on SEO strategies requires businesses to adapt to Google’s dynamic search environment.

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