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The People Also Ask (PAA) Box is a question-and-answer box to help users uncover further information related to the topic they are searching. It proactively suggests questions related to the user’s original search query and usually provides concise answers with a link to the webpage that it took the answer from.

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  1. People Also Ask (PAA) in SEO: What You Need To Know:  Kalicube defines People Also Ask (PAA) Boxes in SEO and how they help users find what they are looking for as efficiently as possible.
  2. Google people also ask feature showing up half as often in Google Search: here is an article from Search Engine Journal about People Also Ask, a search feature in Google that displays other queries or questions that people type into Google search
  3. What is “People Also Ask”?: this article explains People Also Ask (PAA) as a Google SERP feature that provides users with additional questions to their original search query and quick answers to those questions.
  4. Three Great Reasons Why You Should Control PAA Questions on Your Brand SERP: Controlling questions about your brand is fundamental to your brand SERP and your overall SEO strategy. In this short introductory article, you’ll learn 3 good reasons why you must have control over People Also Ask questions for your brand.
  5. Google brand SERPs: Why you must dominate People Also Ask: From Google’s perspective, it is trying to build a brand SERP that contains content (blue links, videos, images, Twitter Boxes, PAA) that is relevant, valuable, and helpful to that brand’s audience. That means the questions in the PAA boxes are what Google believes will be helpful and valuable to the user.
  6. Google people also ask feature showing up half as often in Google Search: The evolution of People Also Ask (PAA) on Google results over the last few years is well documented. They are generally viewed as an opportunity in SEO and often seen as an underexploited opportunity.
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Getting a PAA Result on Brand SERP

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