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A Brand SERP is what appears on Google when someone searches your brand name.
Most people will search for your brand at some point before or during their working relationship with you.

Recommended Articles About “Brand SERP”

  1. Simple definition of a Brand SERP: Jason Barnard, The Brand SERP Guy, gives you the simple definition of a Brand SERP in this article.
  2. About Brand SERP and how to optimise it: in this article Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR defines Brand SERP and its importance to Google and SEO. 
  3. Best practices in crafting your Brand SERP: this article talks about the importance of tracking your brand name, ways of measuring Brand SERP quality and things that you can do to improve your on-SERP brand image.
  4. Brand SERP is your new business card: Jason and Kate Toon of The Recipe for SEO Success discussed about Brand SERP and why Jason calls it “your new business card.”
  5. The power of Brand SERP as a digital business card: Wordlift features Jason Barnard’s article discussing about “what it means to be judged by a machine, how you can use Google as a window into your content marketing and how you can teach your website to speak to Google in its native language”.
Why Invest in Brand Search?

Why Invest in Brand Search?

Investing in brand search is essential because it enhances brand perception, increases visibility, and improves overall online presence. It plays a significant role in how potential and existing clients perceive…

How the New Google Generative AI in Google Search will Affect Brand SERPs

How the New Google Generative AI in Google Search will Affect Brand SERPs

How do you think Brand SERP will be impacted by the new Google search announced at Google IO? Question (from Mark A Preston): How do you think Brand SERP will…