About Kalicube Pro

Kalicube Pro SaaS for Agencies

Kalicube Pro is a SaaS platform built and commercialised by Kalicube SAS. It provides Online Reputation Management, SEO and digital marketing professionals with the data and tools they need to optimise Brand SERPs and manage Knowledge Panels on Google for their clients.

The Kalicube Pro Service:

The platform tracks and measures the Brand SERP in relevant locations. Using that data, it provides a prioritised list of tasks for the Online Reputation Management professional, PR specialist, SEO practitioner or digital marketer to effectively and efficiently gain control of Brand SERP and Knowledge Panels and make both positive, accurate and convincing for their clients. Note: a Brand SERP is what your audience sees when they google your brand or personal name.

The Kalicube Process:

The platform brings cutting edge SEO strategies to Online Reputation Management professionals, and highly effective brand management strategies to SEO practitioners and marketers. The Kalicube Pro SaaS platform uses cutting edge entity-based SEO strategies to help clients manage their Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel efficiently and effectively by educating Google (and other search engines). The strategies are incredibly powerful for actively and proactively managing reputation and yet surprisingly simple to implement, even for people with little or no experience in SEO.

The Technologies Behind Kalicube Pro:

Hosted on Google Cloud, the platform uses many Google-run datasets and technologies. Wordlift, SE Ranking and Authoritas provide additional data and analysis that help Kalicube Pro SaaS stay way ahead of the competition.

Clients / Target Audience:

The target audience for Kalicube Pro SaaS is  Online Reputation Management, PR, SEO and Digital Marketing agencies worldwide seeking to manage branding on Google Search for their clients will benefit from using the platform.

The Company Behind Kalicube Pro:

The platform is developed, maintained and commercialised by Kalicube SAS, a digital marketing agency based in Aubais, France founded by Jason Barnard.


The platform launched globally in May 2021.