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Terms and concepts exclusively and originally invented or coined by Kalicube.

Examples of “Kalicube Coined Terms”

  1. The Kalicube Process: The Kalicube Process is a strategy that makes optimising your brand’s online ecosystem super-simple and straightforward: from your site to Google Search to Facebook, to YouTube, to Twitter, to digital PR. It is split into two distinct parts: Brand SERP and Knowledge Panel
  2. Entity Equivalents in SEO: An Entity is a thing (person, company, podcast, musical artists etc). An Entity equivalent is an Entity that is of the same type, the same geo-region and same industry. For example, Entity Equivalents for the Beatles would be The Rolling Stones, Queen, Pink Floyd Elvis Presley. 
  3. Rich Elements on a Google SERP: Also called SERP Features. At Kalicube, we call them Rich Elements, those that are enriched, often multimedia elements on the SERP. Examples of Rich Elements SERP Features are Rich SitelinksVideo BoxesTwitter Boxes, Image Boxes and Featured Snippets
  4.  Entity Home in SEO: An Entity Home is the web page recognised by Google as the authoritative source for factual information about a given entity (brand, company, person, product, podcast, music group etc etc). It is where the entity “lives” online.
  5. Knowledge Panel Hopping: Knowledge Panel Hopping is a Google game we play at Kalicube based on the six degrees of Kevin Bacon. Kalicube’s version of the game – Knowledge Panel Hopping – just means that you use a Knowledge Panel on the Google SERP and click on one of the attributes or a People Also Search For and see what appears on the next page. The next page you see will have a Knowledge Panel with attributes, PASF and probably a carousel at the top… all of which necessarily entails a relationship with the initial entity.
What is Entity Identity in SEO?

What is Entity Identity in SEO?

In the context of named entities in SEO (brands, companies, people, podcasts etc etc), Entity Identity is Google’s understanding of who you are what you offer and who your audience…

Entity Maturity in SEO

Entity Maturity in SEO

Entity Maturity is a measurement of how well established an Entity is in Google’s algorithms and Knowledge Graph. It measures the level and accuracy of Google’s understanding, its confidence in…