Kalicube Tuesdays with Mark Traphagen and Jason Barnard

Insight Platforms Vs SEO Data platforms

How AI is differentiating SEO Data platforms from Insight Platforms. Ten years ago SEOs had very limited data. Today the availability of data is overwhelming, yet SEO hasn’t become any easier.

We assumed more data would make decisions easier. The opposite happened.

Difficulty #1: How do you find and determine the most useful data from the sea of metrics?

Difficulty #2: How do you move from useful data to effective actions, and reduce the time from data to insights to actions?

The problem is especially keen for larger sites, which must do all of the above at scale, figuring out which data, – insights – actions paths will lead to the biggest returns in the shortest times, rinse and repeat ad infinitum.

The solution: employing advanced AI informed by decades of SEO experience and testing to integrate all relevant data and surface prioritized actionable insights. This is the future of SEO automation. I can share multiple examples of how we’re innovating in this direction, as well as general trends in the SEO tools industry.

Scheduled for 16 March 2021 at 16 H CET (Paris)

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Organised by Kalicube in partnership with Wordlift


Jason Barnard has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing.

He currently teaches Brand SERP optimisation to students at Kalicube.pro and writes regularly for leading marketing publications such as Search Engine Journal, SEMrush, OnCrawl, Searchmetrics as well as appearing regularly on digital marketing webinars and speaking at major conferences around the world such as BrightonSEO, PubCon, SMX London, YoastCon.