One-on-one consultancy sessions with Jason Barnard are perfect for you !

Google Knowledge Panel Consulting

If you need help with a Google Knowledge Panel for a brand, a company, a person, a product, a music group or any other entity, Jason will identify the simple steps you’ll need to take for:

  • creating a Knowledge Panel
  • removing a duplicate Knowledge Panel
  • correcting information in a Knowledge Panel
  • adding information to a Knowledge Panel

Consider one-on-one Google Knowledge Panel consultancy sessions with Jason Barnard

Jason knows what the trusted sources and triggers are for Google Knowledge Panels, and can accurately identify which ones are going to have the most effect in your specific case.

Worth your time

You’ll be amazed at just how much you will pack into an hour with Jason.


Consultancy sessions are one-on-one video calls and Jason sends you the recording afterwards so you can go over any bits you aren’t sure you remember properly.

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Note :

This consultancy session is a live one-on-one video call


You can also ask questions about any part of your digital marketing strategy.

A quick overview of Jason’s story (so far)…
how he got here, and how he learned all he knows 🙂

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