The Three Pillars of SEO (and Brand SERP Management)

The Three Pillars of SEO (and Brand SERP Management) - Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

Advanced Expert Tips on Image SEO with Olesia Korobka 27 April 2021 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Jason Barnard explains what SEO is based on: 1: Google needs to understand what you are offering, 2: Google needs to think you are a credible solution, and 3: Google needs to deliver content in a format that’s relevant to Google. Watch this clip to learn more about the details!

00:00 Three Pillars of SEO
00:34 Understanding, Credibility and Suitability
01:30 Brand message needs to reflect in Brand SERP

Transcript from: The Three Pillars of SEO (and Brand SERP Management)

Basically, all SEO is based on three things: 1: It’s getting Google to UNDERSTAND what it is you’re offering and being confident in that understanding, 2: Making sure that it thinks you’re a CREDIBLE solution, which is Expertise, Authority and Trust, 3: And thirdly, providing the content to Google in the SUITABLE format that is relevant for Google’s SERP or Google’s usage for its users, be it On-SERP or Off-SERP. So those are the three things you’re looking at and the three things would need to be measured separately.

UNDERSTANDING, CREDIBILITY (Expertise, Authority, and Trust) and deliverability, usability for Google. suitability is the correct word.(I do apologize) The SUITABILITY of what it is you’re offering for Google’s product, which is its SERP. The suitability of what you’re offering for Google’s users when users are searching for whatever term it might be.

So that’s general SEO advice. If we come back to what we’re talking about, we’re saying 1: Understanding confidence in that understanding, 2: Credibility, Expertise, Authority, and Trust, and the third one is actually 3: Is Google on my Brand SERP delivering my brand message as I wrote it? And I think that’s an important point. There’s a lot of companies that spend thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions of dollars creating a brand image and a brand message and then don’t bother or don’t think to make sure that their brand message is reflected in their Brand SERP, which is foolish beyond belief because that Brand SERP is something their audience will see at some point in their journey. And once they are a client, they will see it multiple times per day, when they’re searching to navigate to the site. So making sure that your brand message is being reflected in your Brand SERP is phenomenally important, vastly overlooked. And it’s the third aspect of understanding, credibility and representation.

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