How to Sort the Good From the Bad in Link Building According to Judith Lewis

Link Building Do’s and Don’ts That You Need to Know According to Judith Lewis 15 February 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Judith Lewis talks about building links that make sense from a marketing perspective. Part of that is to track the clicks coming from the link that you build. Zero clicks means zero value (and then some). Awesome advice from Judith. Watch now.

00:00 Check and re-evaluate clicks from link
00:21 Watch the traffic from link
00:51 Intelligent marketing using data

Transcript from: How to Sort the Good From the Bad in Link Building According to Judith Lewis

Judith: …bodybuilding health, recovering from mastectomy, whatever, if they’ve gone from that topic and they’re ranking for other things now, you have to reevaluate whether they’re right. And also we check what clicks we get from that link. So we actually get them to encode a weird word that we give them on their link so that we can watch the traffic coming in from their link. If they send nothing and I mean they didn’t even click their own link. If they send nothing to the website, to the target, then they don’t get used ever again. If they seen at least one, which could be them clicking their own link, then they stay in the network.

Jason: That just reminds me of the political candidates who don’t even bother voting for themselves. Which is delightful. But what you’ve just described for me is marketing, Intelligent Marketing using data, which will build links, which is an absolutely delightful way to wrap up the show. Thank you so much, Judith. That was a delightful discussion and I got a lot from it and I’m going to go and steal all your ideas and start using them.

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