How to Use Gap Analysis to Prioritise SEO Focus?

How to Use Gap Analysis to Prioritise SEO Focus? - Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

How to Outrank Your Competitors through SEO Content Gap Analysis with Lidia Infante 04 January 2022 at 17 H CEST (Paris)

In this clip, Lidia Infante explains how she uses gap analysis to choose which aspect of SEO to focus on first: Technical, Content, or Off-Page. She says that, to understand what the website needs, she looks at the relative merits of the competitors’ technical, content and off-page compared to the website wants to rank… then prioritises the one they are lacking most.

How to Use Gap Analysis to Prioritise SEO Focus- Kalicube Knowledge Nuggets

00:00 Three Legs of SEO
00:21 Understanding Three Sections Separately
00:39 Analyse the Gaps
00:52 Prioritise Work Focus

Transcript from: How to Use Gap Analysis to Prioritise SEO Focus

So we bring it back to the three legs of SEO: 1: we’ve got Content, 2: we’ve got Technical, 3: we’ve got Off-Page / brand / links, (whatever you want to call that) and what I like to do is I like to look at these three sections separately and understand whether the website that I’m trying to rank is lacking in technical or is lacking in content or is lacking in brand work. Right? Cause it’s not going to move the needle for me. If I’m already the best at technical to get me improving my technical. If I have the best content across all of the SERPs for my vertical. It doesn’t make sense for me to keep working on content. Or if I’m the one with the most links, I don’t need to keep working on links. I’ll probably need to do some maintenance work, but not a full-on campaign all the time.

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