The Importance of Protecting Your Trademark in Google Ads

The Importance of protecting your trademark in Google ads

Why is Protecting Your Trademark Important for Google?

If you don’t protect your trademark in Google Ads, your competitors will be able to use your trademark in their ad copy when they bid on keywords that contain your brand name. Including your brand name in their ad copy will improve their click-through rate which will improve their quality score, reduce their cost per click and save them money.

That will encourage them to keep bidding on your brand name.

Worse, allowing competitors to use your brand name in their ad copy will increase your CPC (Cost Per Click) for your branded campaigns and cost you money. Ads?

How do I Protect my Brand Trademark in Google Ads?

You just need to fill a form, but you need to hold the trademark in the territory you’re asking to be protected, so make sure you’ve got the trademark and have the relevant reference number to prove it. You also need examples of other brands using your brand name in their ad copy. Unfortunately, you can’t protect your brand name proactively in Google Ads. Google asks you to prove that somebody is already using your brand term in their ads. So make sure you’ve got your trademark in the country you are looking to protect, find an example of a competitor using it and then fill in the form, submit it. Your competitors will no longer be able to use your brand name in their ad copy in that territory. Importantly, you need to do this for every territory (country) you want to protect.

Here is an article on how to submit a trademark complaint to Google.

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