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What is the process for managing and improving Knowledge Panels?

The process for managing and improving Knowledge Panels involves creating an Entity Home, writing a description, and distributing consistent information across the web to help Google understand and map your entity. The Entity Home is crucial as it serves as the primary source of information for Google. It should be a dedicated page on your own website where you have full control over the content.

To further build confidence in this information, you need to corroborate it with authoritative third-party sources. This means ensuring that other reputable websites confirm the facts about your company or brand that are presented on your Entity Home. By doing so, you help Google’s algorithms gain confidence in understanding and accurately representing your entity within its Knowledge Graph.

In summary:

1. Establish an Entity Home: Create a single webpage on your own site where the entity resides.
2. Write a Clear Description: Clearly describe who you are, what you do, and whom you serve.
3. Distribute Consistent Information: Ensure all profiles and articles about your company across the web confirm this information.

This three-step process is essential for triggering Google’s confidence in its understanding of an entity which can lead to acquiring or optimizing a Knowledge Panel for that entity.

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