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What is the importance of Notability in triggering a Knowledge Panel on Google?

The importance of notability in triggering a Knowledge Panel on Google is less about being notable in the traditional sense and more about being notable in your niche. According to Jason Barnard, known as The Brand SERP Guy, Google’s primary concern is understanding who you are and what you do. Notability becomes relevant once Google has a clear understanding of the entity.

Google will trigger a Knowledge Panel if it believes that it will be helpful and useful to the user, fulfilling their intent. For example, an author who is well-known in Britain might trigger a Knowledge Panel there but may not have one triggered in America if they lack recognition there.

In summary, while traditional notability might influence the presence of a Knowledge Panel due to available information sources, it’s ultimately Google’s understanding and confidence in its facts that determine whether or not a Knowledge Panel appears for an entity.

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