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What is the difference between an Author and a Company Knowledge Panel ?

The difference between an author and a company Knowledge Panel is they serve different purposes and present distinct types of information relevant to their subjects.

A Company Knowledge Panel is designed to offer a concise summary of the most important facts about a business or organization. The information includes:
1. The official and certified name of the company, which is displayed at the top.
2. Visual elements such as the company logo and images that may depict the building, products, services, team members, events, or other aspects related to the company.
3. Information sourced from various trusted places on the web like the company’s official website or Google Business Profile, as well as third-party websites.

An Author Knowledge Panel focuses on providing details about an individual author. It typically includes:
1. The author’s name.
2. A profile photo or portrait of the author.
3. Biographical information such as birthdate, education background if available.
4. A list of published works by that author.
5. Links to social media profiles or personal websites.

Both types of Knowledge Panels aim to enhance recognition and credibility but do so for different entities—one for businesses and organizations; another for individual authors—each with tailored content reflecting their unique contexts within search results on Google.

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