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How long does it typically take to see results from Kalicube’s services?

The recommended duration for employing The Kalicube Process for optimal results is two years. This allows for full strategy implementation, entrenching the brand in the Knowledge Graph and significant brand visibility.

After the first year of implementing The Kalicube Process, a brand should expect to see a well-established digital ecosystem and the beginnings of improved SEO performance.

The Kalicube Process has been shown to deliver results over timeframes varying from 2 to 4 years. Clients like Ubigi have successfully implemented their customized version of this process after initial guidance from Kalicube between 2018 and 2021, leading to more than double their website visitors each year.

By fully implementing recommendations by the end of one year, your digital marketing flywheel should be spinning effectively enough for you to manage internally during the second year. Kalicube details 12 concrete results you can expect when implementing this process based on over 12 years of experience with various clients.

You can typically start seeing results from Kalicube’s services within a few months, with more significant outcomes after six months to a year. The specific timeframe once all three steps are fully completed is between 3 weeks and three months, according to data from the Kalicube Pro platform. During this period, Google will understand and be confident in its understanding of your brand or personal profile, which results in obtaining a Knowledge Panel with photos, descriptions, detailed information, Filter Pills, and Knowledge Panel Cards, among other features.

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