SEO Camp’us — Cycle International – Online Session

The International SEO Camp’us Paris Cycle is a conference about SEO techniques, tactics, and innovations. This year, 8 top-notch speakers will join the event and Jason Barnard will moderate it.

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The Speakers

  • Alexandra Tachalova, founder of Digital Olympus and link-building expert, who will talk about alternative email outreach techniques;
  • Andrea Volpini is going to join the event and talk about the Entity Based Content Model and its role in Semantic SEO.
  • Dan Taylor, head of R&D at Salt Agency, who will share his tips about optimizing content for Google Discover;
  • Pinar Ünsal, founder of Kubix Digital an SEO agency based in Berlin and Istanbul, who is going to talk about SEO and content marketing for international markets;
  • Kathryn E. Strachan, MD of Copy House, who is will talk about onsite SEO;
  • Sarah Gurbach, Consumer Insights Manager at Big Fish Games, who is going to point out the strategic importance of SEO to reach your customers;
  • Milosz Krasinski, International SEO Consultant, Speaker, and Blogger, who will share his intense experience with outreach.
  • Barry Adams, Independent SEO Consultant, who is going to talk about how to use SEO audits the right way.