Elmer Boutin

Elmer is a Marketing Technologist and has been working in web marketing for 20+ years. His first experience was as a free-lancer doing web sites for local businesses such as car dealerships and an art gallery. Later, he ran an online rental property referral web site aimed at assisting military people find homes before they moved.

For 12 years Elmer was Webmaster for Wilsonart International where he was involved in everything from social media to server administration to web development in ASP.NET (C#, CSS, SQL, etc.).

Elmer currently works at GTB, as SEO director. While he specializes in SEO, overall search strategy and online reputation management, because of the highly collaborative culture at GTB, he’s also highly involved in content strategy, user experience and complete digital strategy for several large brands.

Elmer frequently speaks at professional events on digital marketing topics including Pubcon and the Digital Summit Series, has been guests on several digital marketing podcasts